Clariant is offering easily applied, biocide-free mineral paints that use the stabilizers Dispersogen SPS and Dispersogen SPG. These, the company says, lead to better handling properties of mineral paintswhile improving their storage stability, and they are suitable for eco-label certified paints.. The Dispersogen SPS/SPG combination offers a advantages compared to the current benchmark two-product stabilizer system. Extensive testing in organosilicate paints, Clariant says, confirms less change in viscosity over time, and the formulation shows less thickening during storage. Mineral paint based on it has an enhanced rheology profile which makes it easier both to stir or homogenize before use and to apply onto a surface with a brush or roller. The extent of brush or roller marks, also known as leveling performance, is comparable to the current benchmark.  Clariant offers Dispersogen SPS as a standalone stabilizer for manufacturers looking to go to the next level by offering even easier application and smoother surface results from their mineral paint formulation. Alexander Snell, head of sales, industrial applications, Clariant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, commented: “With our new Dispersogen stabilizers, Clariant has achieved a valuable breakthough in improving the storage and useability of silicate and organosilicate paints. Mineral paints are a major advance in terms of fulfilling consumer health requirements, and these new advantages will contribute to making biocide-free paints an even more attractive option for decorating interiors and improving indoor environments.”