Arkema has partnered with major industrial coatings companies to bring to market bio-based Synolac resins to meet the challenges of this dynamic and demanding sector. The construction market, directly involving end-consumers, welcomes innovations in green growth, durability and performance, and Arkema now offers a technology platform (patent pending) that draws extensively on new products. As part of SORAGO, a French consortium dedicated to pre-coated metal technology and applications, Arkema offers resins that can feature up to 100 percent bio-based carbon content. Used in formulations, these new resins produce a coating with a bio-based carbon content of up to 70 percent, the company says, as well as equivalent, if not superior, performance compared to traditional coatings. This technology also benefits from the Arkema Group’s back-integration in castor oil, a raw material of renewable origin. Sorago (Substrate with Organic covering RAnGe from biOsources) is a consortium
comprising industrial and academic stakeholders of this value chain (ArcelorMittal,
Beckers, Prospa, Activation, Claude Bernard University in Lyon, and Technology
University in Troyes). The aim of this consortium is to develop and market paints for industrial coatings based on bio-based raw materials.