Spatter buildup during the laser cutting or welding process is messy, creates extra work prepping parts, and slows the manufacturing process. The use of a spatter release agent prevents the accumulation of spatter and solves these problems.

BHC says its AquaVantage Anti-Spatter protects work pieces from cutting spatter and slag while eliminating costly spatter removal. An aqueous blend of surfactants and other additives designed specifically for preventing metal spatter and slag from adhering to sheet metal panels, profiles, supports, and internal cavities during the laser cutting process, it is a ready-to-use solution that does not require dilution. When applied, it leaves an even, thick coating on the surface. AquaVantage Anti-Spatter is easily removed from metal surfaces using Brulin immersion or spray-wash aqueous detergents.

The company says the solution does not burn or discolor under intense laser cutting conditions; releases no foul odors or smoke; does not contain any solvents; and is silicone-free, non-flammable, and REACH compliant.