Finishing Brands introduces the new BGK Gas Catalytic Oven, which has been developed as a low cost, high quality curing solution for powder or liquid finishing applications. This versatile curing system features include: •  Environmentally-friendly emitters — uniform, low intensity heat. •  Faster process times — using natural gas or propane. •  Less expensive to run than convection — up to 50 per cent. •  Highly controllable — meets demanding requirements. •  Small footprint — ideal for lean manufacturing. BGK also introduces the portable chain-on-edge system with infrared curing oven brings IR solutions to finishing operations that prefer to work with a limited footprint, including labs and small production applications. This versatile modular finishing system provides: •  All-in-one conveying, spraying and curing capability. •  Accommodations to handle a variety of part sizes and shapes. •  Touch screen control panel for manual or automatic operation.