Beckers Group, a global supplier of coil coatings, opened its new production site in Monterrey, Mexico, on April 6. This addition to the company’s manufacturing network enhances company operations and supports development of industrial coatings for Latin American markets. Beckers Group CEO Boris Gorella said, “Industrial coating markets in Latin America are very appealing for Beckers. Our new plant enables us to ramp up our activities in this region and meet the demands of the industrial coating industry. This investment clearly demonstrates our commitment to Beckers Group customers in the region.” Customers interested in expanding into Latin American markets can now contact the Beckers Group through its Monterrey office. “Our main goal is to ensure that our customers get the timely service and support they need,” added Frank Beaurez, vice-president, Latin America. “At the same time, we want to welcome all Latin American companies seeking Beckers’ expertise and service. My staff and I look forward to meeting with customers and demonstrating our know-how, flexibility and willingness to work together The state-of-the art factory is capable of producing up to 5,000 tonnes of coatings annually. Labs at the new facility can handle up to 300 colour matchings per year along with troubleshooting.