Axalta Coating Systems has announced its new Imron Industrial brand mark. Imron Industrial is a 2k polyurethane multilayer coating that serves a wide array of industrial applications including construction equipment, oil refineries, and amusement parks. “As we continue to lead innovation as a global company, it is important that we also invest in and expand our global brands that customers recognize and rely on,” said Michael Cash, Axalta’s president, Industrial Coatings. “This new brand mark allows us to visually represent the premium quality that our customers can expect from Imron Industrial for their business, anywhere in the world.” Axalta’s Imron Industrial polyurethane products are designed to promote long-term durability and excellent corrosion resistance, while, the company says, providing visually stunning finishes. Additionally, Imron Industrial products are designed to meet the most demanding industry specifications, making them an easy and reliable choice for industrial customers.