Axalta Coating Systems has formed a strategic relationship with Hempel (USA) Inc. This arrangement facilitates the formulation and availability of a coating system for external coatings with significant corrosion protection, and internal coatings with advanced flow efficiency for natural gas transmission pipes in the North American oil and gas pipeline market. “We, at Axalta, are thrilled to partner with Hempel to offer a full product line of world class powder and liquid coatings for the North American market,” stated Ron Hull, Axalta’s North American sales manager. This new business relationship combines the corrosion protection found in Axalta’s fusion-bonded-epoxy powder for external pipe for oil and gas pipelines with Hempel’s, liquid, flow-efficient epoxies for internal coating. The resulting product is a corrosion and abrasion-resistant internal and external coating suitable for the harshest of environments. “By pairing Hempel and Axalta’s product offerings, we offer the gas-pipe industry an unparalleled technology and competitiveness platform,” added Martin Miller, Hempel’s US downstream segment manager.