DeVilbiss’ new AG-360 series automatic spray applicators feature the company’s QuickClean technology. They are available in various machine mounting formats, to provide a universal finishing solution for all industrial low pressure applications. DeVilbiss has developed the low pressure, air-atomization AG-360 Series to provide the combination of finish quality, durability and versatility it says is needed in low pressure finishing applications today. “The DeVilbiss AG-360 line is available in models that are built to be cost-effective with maximum control and serviceability,” explained Jesus Guerrero, global marketing communications manager. “There are multiple options and formats for both the general needs of many industrial applications and the individual needs of specific industries, such as wood, glass, ceramics, and cosmetics.” The series features different spray technologies: CONVentional, HVLP and Trans Tech (high efficiency). Available fluid/needle nozzle combinations include stainless steel, nitride, and tungsten carbide. There is a selection of Air Caps for environmental compliance, transfer efficiency, atomization power and application requirements. There are also stainless steel fluid passageways for water-based and solvent-based coating applications. Quick detachable mounting manifolds provide fast and easy maintenance, and the units are QuickClean coated for increased durability and easy cleaning. The compact size and weight allow for easy positioning and precise alignment. There are multiple options and formats to suit various application requirements, as well as independent fan, atomizing and trigger air, which are needed for robotic and fully automatic machine applications.