Asterion is excited to introduce the industry’s next generation of alkaline and chloride zinc plating systems.

Possessing incredible white corrosion and red rust resistance, extended NSS performance is consistently achieved when choosing any one of the company’s new, multi-level Asterion systems: Ultra, UltraPlus, or UltraMax.

Engineered for both rack and barrel operations, Ultra, UltraPlus, and UltraMax zinc plating systems offer ease of operation and waste treatment. Based on production-proven processes approved by Harley-Davidson, the RoHS-compliant systems are comprised of a TECHNIBRITE hex chrome-free zinc, a TECHNICOAT trivalent passivate and a revolutionary water-based TECHNISEAL sealant for the maximum in corrosion protection.

Blair Vandivier, President and CEO of Asterion says, “White corrosion or red rust? Not with us. Only your competition will be seeing red – or white for that matter! Furthermore, all Asterion zinc systems deliver ultimate aesthetics.”