Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a business unit of Ashland Inc., has launched a new microsite in conjunction with a promotional campaign. The site aims to “address the needs of an increasingly sophisticated retail buying audience that looks for hiding, coverage, spatter resistance, one-coat application, paint ‘feel’ and a host of other sensory and performance characteristics.” And it also aims to help formulators get the most from its full line of products and services. The campaign, “Transform the way you think about paint,” encourages manufacturers to think about the rheology modifiers and other paint additives in a new light. It features bespoke rooms that demonstrate the power of paint in a whole new way. “The right rheology system can open up a whole world of new possibilities for paint formulators, and our products have been proving that for decades,” said Prachur Bhargava, global marketing manager, Industrial Specialties, Ashland Specialty Ingredients. “Today, however, we’re also contributing cutting-edge research into how paint is applied, in terms of force and energy dynamics and users’ preferences, that is breaking new ground in the science of paint. It is this kind of innovation that can be truly transformative for the industry.” The new coatings website (the URL is given below) will provide a range of resources to help manufacturers evaluate solutions and information on rheology, surfactants defoamers and other ingredients. Ashland will continue to add additional resources to the site as quickly as possible.