With the launch of ALBIDUR 1223, Evonik has introduced a product it says ensures long-term coating flexibility. Used as a co-binder in anti-corrosion paints and coatings, it complements formulations based on Evonik’s SILIKOPON EF and SILIKOPON ED hybrid resins. By promoting long-term resistance to chemicals and UV light, ALBIDUR 1223 offers coatings lasting protection against corrosion. “Anti-corrosion coatings tend to become brittle as they age,” said Kirstin Schulz, marketing director for industrial coatings. “ALBIDUR 1223 makes these kinds of coatings more flexible over the long term. Plus, it doesn’t migrate, which keeps the chemical and UV resistance of the coating at a consistently high level.” ALBIDUR 1223 does not contain solvents, and it is not subject to labeling requirements. As a result, it is exceptionally easy to handle for shipping and storage. Even though ALBIDUR 1223 is silicone-free, it is still highly compatible with SILIKOPON EF and SILIKOPON ED. It is registered and available worldwide. Mo www.tego.de