Following the succession of Thierry Vanlancker (pictured) as CEO of AkzoNobel, after Ton Büchner resigned for health reasons, the company has announced a new structure for its executive committee.This change, it said, is designed to drive operational excellence, increase customer focus, and build further momentum and speed into the organization. Chief financial officer under Vanlancker remains Maëlys Castella; general counsel remains Sven Dumoulin; and chief human resources officer is still Marten Booisma. The chief operating officer is now Ruud Joosten, former head of Decorative Paints; the integrated supply chain leader, and newcomer to the executive committee, is David Allen; and Werner Fuhrmann will return to AkzoNobel in the role of head of Specialty Chemicals. Working closely with CEO Thierry Vanlancker, Joosten as COO will lead the Performance Coatings and Decorative Paints businesses. He will be responsible for accelerating growth, the execution of the company’s strategy, and the performance to deliver on the agreed targets.Responsibility for the Paints & Coatings operations, including all manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, site management, health & safety (HSE&S), and procurement will now fall under the responsibility of the integrated supply chain leader, David Allen. Vanlancker said of these changes: “We aim to build on the successful foundation of operational excellence that AkzoNobel has laid over the past years. With Ruud Joosten stepping up as our new COO and David Allen joining our Executive Committee in the role of integrated supply chain leader, this new Executive Committee will be faster to drive integrated business planning and quick decision making. It will also enable optimal alignment between business needs and operational and supply chain delivery. “I am also delighted to welcome Werner Fuhrmann back to head up Specialty Chemicals and lead on the separation. His unique knowledge of the company and industry experience, having worked for almost 40 years at AkzoNobel, including running the Specialty Chemicals Business prior to my joining last year, make him an ideal person to lead the separation. It’s great to have him back on board.”