AESF Foundation, the educational arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) in the US, has named the winners of the 2014 Scholarship Award Program. Yunfei Xu, PhD candidate at Harvard University, and Manish Shinde, PhD candidate at Wichita State University, have been chosen as the 2014 Scholarship Award Program recipients for their research in plating and surface finishing science and engineering. Since 2012, scholarships have been awarded annually to individual students for their research in plating and surface finishing science and engineering by the AESF Foundation.  “This is a very prestigious award meant to give students the ability to pursue their passion in the plating and surface finishing industry,” said AESF president, Bob Srinivasan. “We want to give these students who display excellence in this science the opportunity to advance their knowledge and contribute to the future of surface finishing technologies.” Having previously studied noble-metal-free electrocatalysts for water splitting reactions, Yunfei Xu’s current research is focused on surface chemistry and catalysis. He has co-authored 10 publications, including research articles, reviews, a book chapter and two patents during his undergraduate program. After being introduced to studies in nanomaterial as an undergraduate, Shinde did his master’s thesis work with nanomaterial in dye sensitized solar cells. His doctoral dissertation will focus on creating a replacement for hexavalent chromium products that would be best suited for the metal finishing industry.